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Have you always dreamt of getting your work published?  www.saralpathy.com (For the Hindi Language) & www.en.saralpathy.com (For the English Language) is your perfect place to fulfill that goal

I’m glad to announce that I’m looking for new writers to work with me  If you are someone who is into ‘beauty’ (or makeup/skincare/haircare/) with a passion for ‘writing’, you are most welcomed here.

Due to my overburdened work schedule. I am unable to update the blog on a regular basis. As much as I love blogging and writing, I’d love you, people, to share your thoughts with the world through  www.saralpathy.com  & www.en.saralpathy.com making this blog a more interesting space.

Writing Guidelines:
Content and Copyright: The review/tutorial/DIY/any post you contribute to www.saralpathy.com  & www.en.saralpathy.com shouldn’t have been copied from the internet/offline/magazine/service/anywhere and the same applies to the images as well  You are not supposed to copy even a single line from any source mentioned. You can always refer somewhere but don’t copy others’ hard work and ideas  You’re not supposed to sell, reproduce or use the content anywhere else in the future that has been published here as it is copyrighted by the blog

Uniqueness: You can have your own blog and you can contribute to the other blogs as well; I actually have no say in that  Make sure you will not be reviewing ‘there’ the same products reviewed by you here  Likewise, if you’d reviewed a particular product already on some other blog/even your own blog, you should not review the same here  (even in a different manner). It turns into a duplicate review and I strictly want unique content. The same thing applies with DIYs and other posts as well  I don’t bother if it’s good, better or the best but I only need unique ideas, reviews, and posts.

Topics: All unique writings on skin/hair/makeup/fashion-related topics such as  Do it yourself recipes, product reviews, and makeup tutorials will be accepted. Kindly subscribe to our posts; so that you will be notified about your posts when they go live  This way, you can interact with the commentators below your post with ease.

Authorship: Each and every post you contribute will be published under your name as the AUTHOR  You get the full credit for your work through the blog owns the copyright of your content. An author box will be featured at the end of your posts with your thumbnail image (Only if you prefer )  (Don’t forget to send me the Author info while applying) You can also get Google Authorship for your posts.

Right Traffic: If you have a blog, expect a good boost in traffic to your site by writing interesting articles on en.Saralpathy. We have a few bloggers who routinely get 50% of their daily traffic from www.saralpathy.com  & www.en.saralpathy.com. This is a sure-shot way of getting recognized in the ever-expanding Indian Beauty blogging community,

Monetary Benefit: Whoever said, writing can’t be a career option. If you can hold the interest of the Audience, we will handsomely compensate you for your efforts.

So, if you are interested, please fill out the following form with brief details to get you started.


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